Lost Glacier Lodge



At the gateway to a vast Alpine wilderness connecting France and Switzerland, nature’s beauty is awe-inspiring in every season. As the winter snow melts and animals wake from hibernation, nature returns to life.

Lost Glacier Lodge is immersed in ever-changing and dramatic natural universe where visitors can watch some of the world’s largest birds – Gypaetus Barbatus, the bearded vulture – as they soar 2000 meters overhead, or pick out chamois shyly descending steep slopes to graze on the rich spring grasses.

The impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss are ever tangible in the disappearing Glacier du Folly, 2,000 meters above our heads and in even the blight affecting the magnificent spruce forests as a result of rising temperatures. Lost Glacier Lodge is a place of contemplation and response, a place to explore alternative, low carbon lifestyles and to imagine living sustainably with nature.

Lost Glacier