Lost Glacier

Autonomous Transitional Energy Centre



Based on the frontier of the French and Swiss Alps, Lost Glacier Center is focused on democratizing the energy transition as a pathway towards combating climate change.

The impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss are ever tangible here in the Alps. Europe’s northernmost glacier, the Galcier du Folly, has all but disappeared and the magnificent spruce forests all around are being ravaged by a bark beetle, thanks to the stress of excessive drought and high temperatures.

But there are grounds for optimism. At Lost Glacier, an autonomous resource centre for the energy transition we are investigating how the process that is used to make charcoal – which is as old as humanity – can be transformed into a method to cool the planet and restore soil fertility for farmers and gardeners alike. With clever technology from the auto industry and microcomputer controls we now have the ability to transform wood chips and pellets into enough electrical power and hot water to keep an old wooden French farmhouse comfortable while storing over a ton of CO2 in the charcoal or biochar produced in the process.